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Key West Fly Fishing Guides


I’m Captain Brandon Henley your Key West fly fishing guide. Key West and the Marquesas Keys are home to some of the best flats fishing on the planet, and I consider myself very fortunate to have the chance to share it with others. This isn’t a job, it truly is a way of life for me. Since I can remember I have been obsessed with the ocean and the fish that swim in it’s shallows. This love of all things aquatic grows a little more everyday, and exploring the flats of the Florida Keys is where I am most content.


My favorite part of being a Key West fly fishing guide is never quite knowing what each day will bring. As long as I’ve been doing this, something crazy  happens every day on the flats. The lure of fly fishing and flats fishing in general is the amazing things you encounter along the way. That’s what keeps us coming back day after day. It’s a complex puzzle and it is ever changing.

A Key West Fly Fishing Guides Favorite Fish


If I had to pick a favorite fish species to target in Key West and the Marquesas, I would definitely say fly fishing for permit is my true passion. Something about the cat and mouse game does it for me. Permit fishing is a mind game and trying to predict their next move, and which scenario will unfold is the best part of it. You learn to enjoy rejection and heartbreak. I know it’s sick, but when Mr. Permit rushes over and inhales your fly you will understand. Let’s just say it’s the only fish that keeps me up at night…..


I believe being a fly fishing guide in Key West and the Marquesas is the greatest job in the free world. The people I meet, the fish we pursue, and the view from my office leave me feeling blessed every day. I get an immense satisfaction out of teaching others to become better anglers, and progress in saltwater fly fishing. I am so grateful to live in Key West and share this amazing fishery with my clients and new found friends. I can’t wait to get out there again tomorrow. Click here to contact Key West fly fishing


Why Pick Me As Your Key West Fly Fishing Guide?


On your Key West fly fishing vacation, I strive not only for you to catch fish, but to acquire some new skills as a fly fisherman. Teaching is the most gratifying aspect of my career, and I want you to leave Key West with some new weapons in your fly fishing arsenal to take back with you. If you are new to saltwater fly fishing, I bring years of experience to the table to bring you up to speed quickly. If you are an experienced on the flats I bring passion and drive that will challenge you to be your very best.


I encourage all my anglers to share any goals for your trip fly fishing in Key West.  I try to design each trip with these goals in mind, and to ensure our best chance at success. Maybe you have your heart set on catching that first tarpon or want to fly fish the Marquesas for the first time. Just let me know. It’s your vacation and I will do everything I can to make this the trip of a lifetime. After all, I want to see you again next year. Key West fly fishing guide Capt. Brandon Henley.


I offer hosted trips to Cuba, Mexico, and Belize as well. For information on a destination fly fishing trip with Capt. Brandon Henley visit Fishabout.

Key West Fly Fishing Guides Skiff


All of my fly fishing charters take place on a  2017 Maverick Mirage HPX-18. It is powered by a 4 stroke Yamaha 115 hp outboard. This boat is truly a sports car built for fly fishing on the flats. She is quiet, comfortable, dry and fast. This means you spend more time fishing time instead of riding between different stops. This boat was designed and customized for fly fishing in Key West and the Marquesas Keys.

key west fly fishing guides flats boat
a flats boat in Key West
Key West fly fishing guide with a nice permit
Flats fishing guide in the Florida Keys