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Welcome to Key West Fly Fishing in the fabulous Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are home to incredible saltwater fly fishing  for massive tarpon, giant permit and plentiful bonefish. Key West fly fishing for permit in particular is better than anywhere else on the planet. Fly fishing in the Keys is challenging, at times technical, and extremely rewarding. Some of the best anglers and fly fishing guides in the world call Key West and the Florida Keys home for this reason.


Key West and the Marquesas Keys are a magical place to fly fish the flats right in America’s backyard. This is truly a place where you can target tarpon, permit, and bonefish year round. Best of all it’s convenient to get here. This place can humble you in the morning, and give you the best fly fishing of your life that evening.  Fly fishing the Florida Keys and Key West will hone your skills quicker than any other fishery I know of. For those new to saltwater fly fishing it’s a great place to learn due to the amount of life on our flats. If you are looking for massive tailing permit, strings of tarpon on gin clear flats and bonefish that will put you in your backing then Key West fly fishing is for you.


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If you don’t fly fish it’s OK. Learn about Key West flats fishing on light tackle.

 Fly Fishing Key West for tarpon in the Marquesas
Fly fishing Key West Florida for permit

Key West Fly Fishing For Permit, Tarpon, And Bonefish


Key West fly fishing inevitably leads you to pursue permit, tarpon and bonefish on the flats. Key West fly fishing offers the opportunity to catch them 12 months a year. Something about the pursuit of these fish changes you. I think the challenge of these fish pushes us to become more than we once were, as anglers and people. Consider yourself warned it is extremely addicting. It is punctuated by the lowest of lows and  unbelievable highs.  You will never forget a single tarpon or permit you caught on the fly. These fish have staying power. It’s an odd mix of going into battle and trying to seduce a  supermodel. I know that if you put your time in, and push yourself  you will never be the same. Seeing this transformation take place is one of the most rewarding parts of being a Key West fly fishing guide.


The fly fishing for permit in Key West and the Marquesas is second to none. Florida Keys permit are big and tail aggressively on the flats. If size matters then Key West is the only permit fishing destination you need consider. I’m not talking about the 5 lb fish that eat size 6 bonefish flies in Belize and Mexico. No, these are the magazine cover permit that will make your knees knock so hard I’ve seen people almost pass out when tailing permit are 40 feet away. They are not pushovers but when you catch a permit on fly in Key West chances are that it will be a dandy.


Key West fly fishing for tarpon is must for any serious saltwater fly fisherman. The sport was pioneered on the flats of the Florida Keys and Key West. These waters are steeped in tradition and we continue to push the envelope in them today. The Keys were, and still are the place to fly fish for tarpon. Anglers from around the world flock here in the spring for the annual tarpon migration. That being said we have a terrific tarpon fishery for resident fish year round. Key West and the Marquesas Keys are famous in tarpon fishing circles for a reason. Visit my page fly fishing for tarpon in Key West.


Fly Fishing for bonefish in Key West is on the upswing. I am seeing more bonefish now than anytime in the past decade. The Marquesas have never been known as a bonefish hotspot, but this is changing. I see big schools there on a regular basis now.  Bonefishing the Lower Keys is about quality fish in a beautiful setting. Lower Keys bonefish average between 4 and 6 lbs, and bigger ones roam the flats. More bonefish world records have been set in the Keys than anywhere else in the world. For all the lowdown visit my page about fly fishing for bonefish in the Florida Keys.

Fly fishing in Key West for tarpon
Key West fly fishing permit guides
Florida Keys tarpon fly fishing
Bonefish guide in Key West Florida

Now Booking Tarpon Season 2018!!!

Tarpon Season in the Florida Keys is right around the corner. Prime dates are still available, but are filling up fast. If you have been dreaming of fly fishing for tarpon in the Keys, now is your chance to do battle with the Silver King!

fly fishing in Key West for baby tarpon

Fishing Key West And The Marquesas – Paradise Found

The Florida Keys and Key West are unlike any other fly fishing locale around. The flats around Key West are made up of hard coral, lush turtle grass and mangrove shorelines stretching to the horizon. The Keys are place that lives in tune with the water so fly fishing is the perfect pastime in this American paradise.

Key West is one funky place to say the least. It is made up of eclectic people who find comfort at the end of the road. It is a place where you can be yourself however wacky that self may be. It really is paradise for the right kind of person. I knew I was home within the first hour of being here. Flats fishing was born in the Florida Keys and wind and tides still hold sway . The Florida Keys are to salt fly fishing what Yankee Stadium is to baseball. No other fishery combines such great fishing and such a cool place. I am proud to call it home.

Key West Fly Fishing The Marquesas Keys


The crown jewel of Key West fishing is the  Marquesas Keys  25 miles due west. You can step back in time when you are fly fishing in the Marquesas. The area is much the same as it was thousands of years ago. The Marquesas support a staggering array of marine life, and game fish are abundant. The permit fishing is extraordinary on most days, and these islands hold more tarpon than anywhere else in the Florida Keys. Be sure to visit my Marquesas Keys page for all the details and let me know if you would like to fish there during your stay in Key West.

I am always happy to help plan your fly fishing vacation here in Key West and the Lower Keys. I can suggest lodging and dining options to make the most of your time in paradise. Let me know if I can help you with your travel arrangements in any way.

Key West Fly Fishing For Tarpon

Key West fly fishing guide lands a giant tarpon

Fly Fishing For Tarpon

Key West and the Marquesas offer fly fishing for tarpon of all sizes every month of the year. We have a large resident tarpon population as well as a vast migration that takes place every spring. Find out why Key West is one of the best tarpon fisheries out there.

Key West Fly Fishing For Permit

Key West fly fishing for permit in June

Fly Fishing For Permit

The permit fishing in the Key West area is world class. The Keys are home to big permit with great numbers available on the flats year round.  See why Key West and the Marquesas Keys are the number 1 destination for permit on fly. The Florida Keys are a permit junkie’s paradise.

Key West Fly Fishing  Bonefish

Key West fly fishing angler with a bonefish

Fly Fishing For Bones

Key West is a fantastic place to chase the grey ghost. Bonefish roam the endless flats of the Lower Keys all year long. Our bonefish population is exploding right now, and our average fish is 4 – 6 lbs. Check out one of the coolest places to bonefish around and what it takes to catch them.

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